september 23rd - october 31st, 2017     |     The CERAMICS Show

ARTISTS' RECEPTION: Saturday, September 23rd, 5-7pm


sandra byers    

lynn duryea    

paul heroux    

lauren herzak-bauman    

maria kristofersSon

jonathan mess    

boyan moskov    

justin richel    

miles spadone    

sharon townshend  

jonATHAN white    

don williams


AUGUST 10th - september 9th, 2017

ARTISTS' RECEPTION: THURSday, August 10th, 5-8pm


dozier bell

philip brou

tom cowgill

lauren gillette

kate russo

lesia sochor


Dozier Bell is a highly accomplished Maine painter with numerous accolades and awards, including a Fulbright Fellowship, two Pollock-Krasner Foundation grants, as well as residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and the McDowell Colony. Her gorgeously rendered landscapes are created from memory, reliant upon an intrinsic awareness of patterns of light and dark, movement and color. Conjuring the unknowable forces that shape our lives and environment, Bell's work offers a masterful immersion within sky, land, water, bird and air.

Philip Brou's recent work began by contacting Central Casting, one of the most respected casting agencies in the film industry. Through CC, he hired the 'extras' portrayed in this meticulously painted series of portraits, titled after the productions in which each extra participated. Brou considers these works "portraits of invisibility," as the extra's job is to seamlessly blend into the background of a scene. Interacting with the history of portraiture and exploring notions of selfhood, these works offer a compelling conceptual investigation delivered in painstakingly true-to-life detail.  

Tom Cowgill's most recent body of work has steadily evolved over the past four years. Using stitched epoxy resin, Cowgill has created luminous forms suspended within steel frames. Inspired by Bernini's Ecstasy of St. Theresa, Cowgill's sculptures are meticulous in their craftsmanship, evoking an immediate visceral response.

Lauren Gillette is one of the most relevant artists working in Maine, today. Her altered leather jackets address a remarkable range of compelling issues. Pulling from globally relevant historic moments and movements to personal interactions and intimate relationships, Gillette's work is a feminist tour de force.

Kate Russo exhibits her latest exploration of the artist's palette, pairing her grid of Paintings By Men alongside a new grid of Paintings By Women. Each painting tackles a famous artist, extracting their palette from a well-known painting and using this same palette to create an abstracted oval "portrait" of sorts, revealing an artist's character and background through their choice of color and pattern.

Lesia Sochor's Mannequin series explores the multi-faceted nature of the female experience. By cutting and combining dress patterns, and painting directly onto these collaged surfaces, Sochor creates a series of simultaneously creepy, sexy images focusing on female mannequins. Invested in unpacking the connection between high fashion and female identity, Sochor's work is a visually compelling challenge to notions of traditional beauty.

JULY 1st - July 29th, 2017  

ARTISTS' RECEPTION: Saturday, July 8th, 5-8pm


Neal beckerman

Cole caswell

Munira naqui

harrison walker


Neal Beckerman is investigating the breaking down of form into abstraction. Using resin-reinforced plaster, paint, sand and other found materials, Beckerman brings emphasis to aspects of reality that are normally disregarded: a television that has been turned off, disconnected fragments of thought, or the unedited contents of a bottom drawer.

Cole Caswell is a nomadic artist exploring the impact of contemporary culture on the natural environment. Infusing 19th century tintype techniques with a current feel, Caswell offers a surreal glimpse of our fading wilderness.

Munira Naqui's recent body of work offers an extended invitation for quiet contemplation. Using encaustic, pigment and graphite, Naqui creates seductive, ethereal compositions that encourage a slowing down into stillness and reflection.

We are pleased to introduce the work of Harrison Walker to our spaces. Walker creates texturally stunning abstractions using diverse photographic processes. Harrison writes, "I find myself working at the boundaries of what I do not understand. My work is driven by photographic materialism. The images and objects created reference time, memory, history, and the otherworldly. By working intuitively through the process of search and discovery, I employ the visual alchemy of printmaking, drawing, and photographic materials to create forms that evoke an experiential and emotional viewing."

May 18 - June 17, 2017

ARTISTS' RECEPTION Saturday, May 20th, 5-8pm