Does beauty make sense?

 “Elements of our culture speak to us (artists) and we respond”.  Douglas Balch.  

“The acquisition of memory is distinct from its retrieval…”
Matt Ridley.

“The motor cooled down, the heat went down, that’s when I heard the highway sound” Chuck Berry.

Bliss free TV, digital tonics, the Gypsy Woman, avoid delays, The Blue Mirror, not in public, the ample thigh, ordinary fish, the standard achievement…Time, Safe, Risk.

“……….The experience of the road was something mapped out but not socially recognized”.  Out there were abandoned WWII airstrips, surreal landscapes, industrial shadow lands, places that had nothing to do with function, created worlds without tradition, artificial landscapes without cultural precedent, without history.  

The encounters with these and numerous other markers of our cultural engagement have informed and continue to cross inform my ongoing inquiry.

Peter T Bennett


2016     Fichera Fine Arts, Brunswick, Maine
2016     Art New England Gala, Corey Daniels Gallery, Wells, Maine
2016     Ten, Ten, Ten juried Invitational, Engine Gallery, Biddeford, Maine
2016     A & D 20/21 Boston, MA
2016     Art2016 Harlow Art Gallery, 21st Juried Invitational, juror Bruce Brown
2016     Turtle Gallery, Deer Isle
2016     Corey Daniels Gallery, Wells, Maine
2015     River Tree Arts Gallery, "Creative Coupling", curated by Julia Einstein, 6 couples group show
2015     KPTArtHouse Gallery, group show, Kennebunkport, Maine
2015     Turtle Gallery, group, Deer Isle, Maine
2015     Corey Daniels Gallery, group, Wells, Maine
2015     Engine, annual “Rumpus” group show, Biddeford, Maine
2015     Harlow Art Gallery, Art2015, 20th Annual Juried Exhibition, juror Britta Koneau, Hallowell, Maine
2014     Engine, “Beautify in Blue” show group, Biddeford, Maine
2014     River Arts Gallery, "Celebrating Color", Juried Exhibition by John Lorence,
2014     Turtle Gallery, "Small Works”, group, Deer Isle, Maine
2014     Corey Daniels Gallery, group show, Wells, Maine
2013     Portland Museum of Art Biennial, "Piece Work", with "Box City", Portland Maine
2013     George Marshall Store Gallery, group show, York, Maine
2013     Corey Daniels Gallery, group show, Wells, Maine
2013     Art in Biddeford, “10 Year Retrospective”, group show, Biddeford, Maine
2012     XL Projects Gallery, group show, Syracuse, NY
2012     Saco Museum, 2nd Mill-Ennial for contemporary works, Saco, Maine
2012     Engine: propelling the creative community, “Merc: Mainers Recycling Cardboard”, group show, Biddeford, Maine      
2011      Reisman Art Gallery, Cazenovia College, group show, Cazenovia, NY
2011      Manifest Gallery, Magnitude 7, group show, Cincinnati, Ohio
2011      Whitney Art Works, The Maine Drawing Project 2011, "Where to Draw the Line", at The Palmina F. & Stephen S. Pace Galleries of Art, "Above and Below the Line"
             a survey of contemporary drawing
2010     group drawing show University of New England, Maine
2010     group drawing show Icon Gallery, Brunswick, Maine
2010     group show Sanctuary Gallery, Portland, Maine
2010     Saco Museum 1st Biennial, Saco, Maine
2010     group show Space Gallery, Portland, Maine
2010     XL Gallery, Syracuse, NY, Stone Canoe #4
2008     group show Franklin Street Gallery, Biddeford, Maine
2008     group show Sanctuary Gallery, Portland, Maine
2007     group show Sanctuary Gallery, Portland, Maine
1995     group show Icon Gallery, Brunswick, Maine


2016     Magneto magazine, Spring Issue
2016     #10 Stone Canoe, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
2010     #4 Stone Canoe, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
2010     Saco Mill-Ennial 1st published catalog, Saco, Maine
2011      Magnitude 7, 7th Annual, Manifest Art Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
2012     Syracuse University, Stone Canoe #6, cover image, Journal of Arts, Literature & Social Commentary, Syracuse, NY
2014     Nitro Magazine, Paris, France
2014     Manifest Exhibition Annual, Season 10, Manifest Gallery, Ohio
2015     Magneto magazine


2014    2nd Annual Open Studio Residency, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine